Tuesday, June 28, 2016

O.J. Simpson-Part IV – O.J. – “The Jury Is In – How the Team Voted”

By Dave Washington, Jr., Sports Editor

Jackson, MS – Life changed for O.J. in those nine months and 14 days from our encounter at the restaurant in Orchard Park, Saturday, September 25, 1993.   As I have traveled over the years as a motivational speaker on prison yards, detention centers, county jails and the like, I remind those that listen to the O.J. story.  Maybe, had O.J. heeded my plea in 1993, 1994 may have never happened.

The years have passed and conversations about the 1993 Buffalo Bills reunion, the 1994 murder tragedy, and the incarceration of O.J. on civil charges have reverberated among the teammates and others.  Ironically, life makes its twists and turns….(read more)


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